Wednesday, July 14, 2010

August 2001

Almost 9 years ago I wrote a poem. I've had the same email for probably 11 years. I apparently made a "saved letters" folder with email that for whatever reason meant a lot to me. I found this poem I wrote, no title, saved to myself on August 20, 2001. I found it interesting and thought I would share with the world. I wonder what struggles were going on in my life that fall almost 9 years ago?

The back of my head aches,

from the pounding of your shoes.

I can't stop thinking of you.

You're driving me into a whirlwind of confusion.

The way you constantly play in my mind,

conceiving a forbidden love.

The love that only comes once in a life.

Soul partners,

separated by conviction.

Lovers longing for another,

apart by integrity for one another.

Lonesome hearts broken from the pitiful restrain.

Many hearts have been hardened by the refrain.

She loves him,

and he,


but infidelity is only one lustful touch away.

Excitement and visions chase me.

Energy curls around my body,

delicately caressing the sweetness of my skin.

I helplessly gaze on in my mind,

watching his body tense up when he sees me.

His soft curves.

We know what me must do.

We know our obligations.

So we must part,

like the summer sun leaves a scorching day.

Like the warmth of the night cools.

A still lit candles' burning fades,

but our secret,

untouched innocent love will not.

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