Friday, July 23, 2010

Last Day Of Work

Not forever though, but until I have this baby and have to (begrudgingly) return to the grind.

I wouldn't mind the grind so much except the "union" took over at my place of employment. I would not recommend union to anyone, but really if you work for a place that has it- you have no choice. Besides short changing me on a 'raise' and creating shift bids (which ironically changed my crappy hours into even crappier hours- 3 to midnight), they have done nothing for me. I feel cheated. Of course maybe if I had been there for 10 years I'd've gotten a big fatty raise and super great hours....

I may also not be as cranky if I weren't sporting shoes that feel 2 sizes too small due to swelling in my pregnancy.

Anyway that complaint is for another day. I'm fighting with the disability people currently. Apparently a DR's note is not enough to for them to follow. Never mind he has years and years of schooling, makes a crap ton of money for what he knows and does, and has been practicing for a ridiculous amount of time with hundreds upon hundreds of ladies in my condition. They have to undermine his authority over my health. It has been a pain with them to reduce my hours per my DR's request (they denied it) and certainly not enough to get me off of work when I clearly have problems. Am I the worst pregnant lady on the block? By all means, no. But that doesn't mean I want to strain myself and stress myself out until I AM the worst pregnant lady on the block. I have #1 to take care of. That would be me, as I'm the sole provider for my baby's well being while he's baking in my oven. So that company can- well I'll save it for if they decide to deny me again. No need to get my blood pressure up thinking about them.

Of course now it's off to get ready for work. I really do like my job... I just don't like the stress. I guess no one likes stress...

ps I know I'd've isn't proper grammar, but it sure does make an awesome contraction, right?

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