Sunday, July 11, 2010

Okay- not quite a month later

yeah... it's been a while; I promised myself last blog I wouldn't let so much time pass w/o visiting.

I'm still pregnant. It's hard to get on the computer. Not because I don't have time, but because of my new found largeness has prevented me from lap topping it comfortably. I seem to be of a kind of lazy that all I want to do is lay and get my feet up. If only I had some bon bon's!

I now weigh 170 lbs! Yikes!! That is as much as my sexy husband. I don't have quite the physique. I suppose that is a good thing.

Lets see- It's hard work helping create life inside me. I have to change my clothes quite often. I don't know how, but things always manage to spill on myself. I ate the other day with the napkin tucked in my shirt like a lobster bib and of course where do I spill food??? Right on the edge! Never mind half the stuff is below the horizon where I can't see until I walk in front of a mirror! I happen to be a little clumsy and absent minded. My toes needed painted. I don't tie my shoes anymore. In fact, that barefoot and pregnant saying sounds awful good about now. Oh and why do the mosquitoes always want to bite my feet where I can't reach?

Of course I have my normal ailments, heartburn, swelling, tired, hormonal... Still having random cravings... but those are all boring compared to my subconscious ways of finding snacks for later (i.e. spilling food on myself all the time)

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