Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Where to even begin? I'm sitting here laid up with my frakenankle. Yup, that is what I have.

So Sunday I was going to visit some family that live out of town. I had my purse, pillow (for my belly), and phone. I started my car and saw one of out neighbors unloading their trunk and wondered if I locked the door. I never check our door. But for whatever reason compelled me to do so would be the decision that now has me laid up.

So anyway I don't know exactly how it happened. I must have had my foot on the edge of the walk and rocks or something. Either way- I lost my footing. I stumbled into the rocks to balance myself on the side of the house. This was probably a matter of seconds... I remember thinking 'I'm glad no one is out to see me walk afool.' Then before I knew it I realized there was no avoiding going down. As instinct- I made sure to avoid hitting my belly when I fell. I heard this distinctive "POP pop pop" and thought 'I broke it!' Then I thought, 'no it was the rocks hitting the side of the house.' My ankle did hurt pretty bad. I knew I at least sprained it. So before I started to get up I did a once over on the belly and felt the baby. 'Okay, I didn't land on my belly...' My foot definitely hurt. I was swollen already and figured I sprained it. I would hobble to my car, turn off the engine, and go back inside and put my feet up. Oh gosh it hurt so bad! I tried to get up and I couldn't move it. I looked down and it looked funny.

I called for help a couple times, feebly hoping the neighbor on the other side of me would hear, but no one heard me. I was starting to freak out a little as I was in direct sun on the hot walk with my car running unable to move. Thank God I had my phone! I called 911 for the first time. They sent an ambulance. I then calmed down enough to get them to let me go so I could call Kirby. Of course my hysterics revived and I was in sooo much pain! Kirby got there right when the ambulance did. He may have been a little freaked, even with my assurances the baby was okay- I clearly was not. That was the first time I rode in an ambulance. It was not that much fun- not like the movies. Not that I figured it would be, but I guess I never pictured myself in one before.

X-rays are the worst. I won't even elaborate because if you've never had a broken bone x-rayed there really is no way to describe it. I wouldn't have known, nor do I ever wish to know again.

So the verdict is: broke both sides of my left ankle. I had to get surgery- plate and screws (hence the nick name frankenankle). Not the best situation for an already miserable pregnant lady...

Until the throbbing stops....

ps- on the flip side my "good" foot is no longer swollen. Probably because I haven't hardly walked on it in the last 3 days...

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