Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creating Frankenankle

Yes, that is what I nicknamed my poor pathetic ankle- for those that didn't catch on. Because of the special hardware that is now helping hold it together.

Surgery Monday went really well. Of course this blog is delayed because I am not very mobile and can't always get on my computer. Kirby made it so I can access it, but I can't sit very comfortable for very long so my time is limited.

ANYHOO- because of the risk of complications I had to be awake for my surgery. Pretty scary. I asked more than once if I could have headphones... I wanted to be sure I didn't hear any "sounds" Like surgery sounds. I'm a big wimp.

BTW- for the record... I hate needles. You get poked a lot before you have surgery.

My anesthesiologist was great! He gave me a sedative- or as the nurse called it: "I don't care medicine" in my IV. I had a spinal. It was a much better experience than when I had Gwyneth. I felt the stinging shot from the numbing medicine, but don't remember the actual spinal needle like I do with her. In fact I remember part way through the surgery if they were going to get started. My legs felt really warm and cozy- no ache. I didn't have to pee as bad as I did before. So I WAS awake, but I was totally out of it. I remember talking around me, but couldn't tell you what was said. I remember looking up and around and seeing people and lights... thinking this didn't look like an operating room. I napped through most of it. I didn't get my headphones, but being as incoherent as I was- that was ok!

When they told me it was over I kept asking about my baby. I wasn't satisfied until the nurse came in and I could hear the little heartbeat myself! I had some feelings in my hands and I put them on my belly and felt him move that way before I could actually feel him move on the inside. It was weird- feeling my own baby move just by my hands and not on the inside. Baby was great and not affected much. I was pretty out for a long time.

They gave me morphine when the spinal wore off. The ride home was the most painful thing I ever had to endure. My toes were purple. It was all I could do to get home and get my leg up...

Good news was they only had to do one side of my ankle with plate and screws. I don't remember why... but apparently the way I broke it the other side will heal okay without the hardware holding it together.

So anyway that is the jist of my surgery experience. I really really missed the kids... I can't wait to see them. Okay before I get all sappy and teary eyed like my pregnant self is I'd better finish this up.

Next time we'll discuss crutches and how bad they suck, and how bad it would suck with out them. We have a love hate relationship. Especially my bruised armpits and hands...

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