Sunday, August 9, 2009

Baby, come on baby

Yeah more babies on the mind... Is that all I ever think about? Well no, I think about other stuff, cool stuff- like UFC and Forrest's embarrassing retreat from Silva. BUT even while there at my friends and enjoying some wine while watching the fights there were *adorable* babies there.

Also, this week my friend had a baby and I got to visit them in the hospital and ohmigosh he is the cutest ever! He hardly cried and I held him for ever and ever. She's got a good little boy.

So I'm on my period (I know too much info there) but maybe it was the shirt, the way I was sitting, or the fact I could be slightly bloated. My daughter says, "mom you look pregnant!"

Wow, I am so the farthest from being 'large' by any means. So later I'm walking her and her friend down the street and she pats my belly and says "see?" to her friend.

I realize Gwyn has been asking me for a little sister, but she's pushing it.

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