Monday, August 17, 2009

Best 4 days of Gaming

Are now over (and the storms have passed for me to blog safely) and I can resume my regular blogging.

It was a lot of fun. Who am I kidding? I'm a complete nerd and had a blast. Of course due to the economy and various other organizations (WOC) *cough* *cough* who wouldn't let their employees even have one night off to partake in the gaming fun... our normal group wasn't there. I missed you all, it just wasn't the same. (Bryce, Mars, Amanda, Steve, Char, and anyone else I may have left out).

This year we helped Gorilla Games minimally (sorry Jeff & Jason), but I did wear my Battlestations t-shirt which generated a lot of comments (more than normal) so I think that was fair enough advertising.

Last year I had a migraine the entire 4 days and was put out most of the time- this year I did too. But it wasn't as severe and I self medicated. yay me.

We had some good Werewolf, the Zombie walk, we did the Cheese Weasle, got Catan ribbons (I know Bryce really wanted them), and demo'd tons of new and awesome games. Of course I dressed up, as well as Kirby. You can check us out from the Metromix of Indianapolis We are pic 19!! How cool is that?! I haven't found any zombie u-tubes for 2009 that has me or Kirby in it. If I do find one I'll definitely get it on here to share.

I don't think I have one favorite part because there is always sooo much going on and so much to do. Of course we didn't get to participate in everything we said we wanted to do, like the paint and take, but there is always next year. Which is probably a better idea anyway because my glasses finally broke and I'm totally Harry Pottering it. (Okay, so currently they are super glued together). Close enough.

I definitely want to take the kids along I know they would love it. I don't know if they can handle 4 days, (especially if we volunteer to run games, the booth, etc), but I would definitely like to have them there for one day to experience it.

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Spaghetti Fields said...

... yes if you look at the link photo #19 I am wearing a corset. There is a reason mean used to open doors for ladies... Because you can't move in them. :)