Thursday, August 20, 2009

top 5 things to try

#1 Cookie dough pop tarts. Seriously this is coming from a cinnamon and brown sugar only girl. They are yummy.

#2 Dress as a zombie and shuffle to someone and tell them you want to eat their brains. Of course it's a lot more fun if there are 200 other people that are also zombies.

#3 Ladies- wear a corset for fun or at least try one on. You'll love how you look and really understand the "I can't breathe" aspect. Well that part isn't fun, but getting your photo taken is!

#4 Go on a carriage ride in the city... yeah I'm waiting for that, but it looks like sooo much fun!

#5 Eat at some place you can't go anywhere else to eat.

Yeah... I was sitting here trying to think of a good blog and I have a million things going through my head, but nothing really blog worthy. I've had a lot of interviews recently so that is good. I really am crossing my fingers for a good job/career- soon. I don't mind the current position I'm in now, but I'm thinking that it isn't really for me. I will continue to do it part time and see where it takes me. So in the mean time I will be pursuing other opportunities as they present themselves. So far, since I've put myself officially on the job market it hasn't gone over too well. That kind of stinks.

Well I'd love to bore you some more with my career choices, but I have a hang nail and it's bugging the crap out of me every time I hit the letter's "s, w, and x" especially x, but it isn't like I'm hitting "x" a lot. I'm getting "s" more than the other 2. I actually don't think I've used "x" at all. Hmm?

Now I seriously have to go because the wind blew my patio table over (again).

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