Thursday, August 6, 2009

Think Positive

In all honesty does it matter if you really think positive? For example: I've been waiting ALL day for a call back for a job that I really want. Well I think I want it because I need it because lets face it, I kind of suck at what I'm doing currently. I'm newer in sales (when it's not over the phone) and apparently I'm a terrible sales lady!

Don't get me wrong- I think my company has some really good stuff to sell, I want some they're that good. I believe in the product! It's inexpensive, they pay you a crap ton if you use it.... but there are so so so so so so so many associates out there selling it you really can't make it in this business unless you know someone that can give you some awesome referrals or unless you know someone that owns a business. Period. It's all about taking time and building relationships with business owners (we can also sell directly, but it saves you money if you by through your work and it saves the business owner money).

I don't have time, nor do I have patience. One of our selling points is can you survive without a check for 2-3 weeks? Well most people live check to check so the answer is no. My answer is "no" too and I've been there and done that. It sucks. So our programs are definately a good thing if you get sick or injured and can't work!

So I've decided to continue do this part time- at least until something takes off for me. Because (as per our selling point, I need money). I'll be a dirtbag insurance lady on the side if anyone wants something or has questions. I AM licensed! I'll help them out and maybe if I get lucky I'll make a couple bucks on the side.

Oh they don't tell you in the interview, but they are similar to a pyramid company. I get paid so does my mentor/trainor, his boss, and our state trainers, etc. I don't know what the breakdown is exactly, but it's a sweet deal if you can make it to the top. Which I won't because right now I'm being a Negative Nancy.

Which brings me to the point I'm ranting about. So I interviewed at this marketing firm and since a third of the city is laid off there was about 6 other people interviewing. I was told I would hear from them today or I wouldn't hear from them at all. I pondered if I should be excited and positive I would get a 2nd job or if I should just not care and be negative. I mean does it really matter when the employeer has already made up his mind yesterday? What does my attitude mean today for decisions made yesterday? Hmm??

It isn't like the employer knows that I'm being a whiney butt about it and if they weren't going to hire me what do they care if I'm being negative anyway?

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