Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I had a job offer... yay! The catch? Yes, there's always a catch. It's a job "placement" place that you pay $185 and they place you in a full time permanent job. They don't actually even place you, you get to have access to places that are hiring full time.

Do people seriously PAY when they don't have any money to get a paying job? I told the lady how about I sign a contract and they place me first in a paying job and then I can pay them... once I already had a job. Apparently people who need jobs (i.e. people that need money) aren't good for their money.

I would think that if a company needed someone to fill a position they would get someone and not go through some company.

I did some research on this company and apparently they are a scam. So they can take their $185 from the next victim and shove it.

Lesson: At least I know commission jobs are dirty. I don't need hourly jobs to be dirty, too.

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