Monday, August 3, 2009

10 years

I surprisingly had a lot of fun at my 10 year high school reunion!

I keep thinking Grosse Pointe Blank and how hot John Cusack is... Mmm.

I think Kirby actually had some fun, too for meeting 150 people he had never met before (of course I didn't remember a lot of them at first either). Well there was Dusty, Chris, and Joe and other facebookers whom he had met and hung around a couple times before, so it wasn't completely dreary for him.

It was so weird seeing how people have changed and grown. There was people with I mingled that I would have never talked to in school 10 years ago... also there were people I never did say hello to because I didn't recognise them!! Thank goodness for name tags, though, I think I hit most everyone up, but there was quite a few of us. It would have been more interesting I think if a larger majority of my class had shown up, but I guessed that there were probably 226 in my graduating class...

I think part of it was probably the price. It was $25 a person. I think even planning my own wedding reception for that many people it wasn't that much a head. But I don't know all the detail of the planning and efforts so I can't say why it was so expensive. Another thing I think would have been a nice touch would have been some kind of memorial for those classmates that are no longer with us. If there was one I never did see it, but I think that would have been nice.

All in all, I had a really good time and it was a lot of fun seeing old school mates. You don't realize how much of school you really don't remember until you are face to face with classmates trying to remember if you had a class together. There were people that actually didn't remember me having Gavin! I thought who could forget a pregnant girl? Apparently quite a few (too bad when I broke up with Mark senior year for 5 minutes and wanted a rebound boyfriend no one forgot then, lol).

I think I had asked just about as many of my upper and lower class men friends if they were going as those that were actually IN my own grade!

Oh well, it's good to know you have friends, right?

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