Monday, October 12, 2009


Things on my end are starting to take a happier note, as I look forward to starting my new job! I'm so excited. Still not thrilled about the hours, but I'm sure as time will have it I'll have an opportunity to get what I need. I just hope it's sooner than later. Trying to think positive here.

Either way I got new glasses after 2 months of broken ones!

So what antics can I get myself into now? I suppose the antic of sticking my nose where it doesn't belong (I am of the female species). I have been thinking about a status one of my facebook friends had posted. It was about a parent, and basically they were very upset. I get that. We all get upset with our parents from time to time, especially when we don't understand as much as we should.

It was just one status, one simple post written out of aggravation for some situation. Whatever the deal- it kind of saddens me to think that a parent and their child aren't communicating. So I know what it's like to have someone not around when you want them to be. Sadly, I've had those experiences. I just hate to see someone push their child or their parent away because of whatever stresses are going on in their life.

It is so much easier to let our human side allow us to be mad, hold grudges, and be upset because of some perceived wrongs against us. It is easier to dislike than to love. Humans feed off of negativity (look at the media). I know all this because I've been there.

I wish there was some wise words I could say or something I could do. Even as adults children still crave for their parents approval and love. I don't want to think of a relationship being destroyed or hurt when all they need to do is get together and work our their differences. To be heard for your transgressions and to have an opportunity to teach your children the gift of compromise, agreeing to disagree, or to find a resolution together. Teach them to listen with an open mind and be honest with each other (they will take it with them all their lives).

I understand that changes and stress happen. I know that some things will never be "like they were," but one must adapt to change. Learn to forgive; make an attempt to love when it feels too difficult. Don't shut someone out, don't choose sides, be open and be better than the anger you feel.

Yeah- a lot easier said than done. I know that, too. Ugh, for experiences! All in all though, I think it has made me a better person to learn from my mistakes. My wish for my friends is that they learn and grow, too.

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