Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kick em while they're down!

So I haven't really updated on what's going on with the whole "blowing steam" blog. Well here's the deal. I waited over a month for one company for a position I would be great in and they finally told me that they decided to cancel the position. Okay, fine. I kind of figured they didn't want me (even though they said they did). There was someplace even better I had my eye on.

I really, really wanted to get in at another company. I am familiar with the company, love the people, the products, I have over 2 years experience in the particular area they were hiring for. I was even willing to take a 'pay cut' I wanted it so bad. But lo and behold, after waiting for several weeks (a ridiculous amount of time to wait for an answer, might I add), they found that I was not a fit for the company. As instant messengers and texters say: WTF?

Apparently, even though I knew everyone I interviewed with (with exception of one) and even though I liked everyone I would potentially be working with, (a couple of whom I had worked with before) AND even though everything I was told about the job was exactly what I had done previously... Even though I could grow into an even better person in my field and fine tune my skills (as I feel I have superb experienced in). Even though it was a perfect fit for me and the OWNERS stopped to say hello to me and ask me how I was doing, etc. -I am apparently not a good fit.

So, yes, I was horribly shocked and disappointed, as were some of the people that work there that thought it was the perfect job for me. I thought for sure I had the job and I was told that they were really considering me...

So I did what all mature adults do: I cried. I had to put on make up so the kids didn't know I had been crying. How pathetic is that?

I was just starting to feel better about the whole crappy rejection thing (at least I didn't cry anymore) when I get my rejection letter in the mail. Why in the world would they send me a letter when I already knew they didn't want me? So I can add it to my collection? To kick me while I was down? To put salt in the wounds?

So the letter said "While they were most impressed with my qualifications, blah, blah, blah. My qualifications were not a good fit for the position." Okay it didn't actually have blah, blah, blah I just don't want to bore you with typical details.

Now help me understand this: if my qualifications aren't good for the position, please tell me what in this green earth do they need? I doubt many can match my qualifications or experience in that area. How can I not have good qualifications when everything you said the job required I have done in that position and I could do and more?

At any rate, I interviewed with another company -I totally screwed up- and I had a migraine today during my other 2 interviews- they offered me a job? What do you know- it's mostly the same as this other one (only more in depth). Hmm? I'm not good enough for my #1 choice where I know the products, processes, and how to work the customer- but I'm good enough to start cold at some company I practically blew off? How messed up is that?

Oh and by the way, this company will tell you pretty quickly if they want you or not.

I realize that I could have easily stayed where I was, and I'd be fine there making more than what the companies rejecting me are starting out... I liked it there, but I was selfish and wanted something different. I wanted to put my skills to use. Of course I left for several reasons, my migraines primarily being it, but I'm starting to get those under control. Should I go back and beg for my old position? I don't want to, I just want companies to see my worth for what it really is and give me a chance.

Thank you new company for giving me the offer and I'm sorry you weren't my favorite choice to start with.


Mr. Mcknob said...

Congrats on the job.

Carrie said...

Hi Spaghetti! This is Carrie, as is apparent from my name, but I felt like it was only appropriate that I give an intro, since we are not formally acquainted :)
So, HI!
I thought I might give you a little insight, well, errr, not maybe insight, but a few ramblings from a positive thinker.
So, here goes:
Most of the time we do not know what is perfect for us. We "think" we know, but really, everything is unknown and comes without a guarantee.
Today, you woke up breathing. Your eyes worked, your legs did too. But, what if one day you woke up and one of those thinsg didn't work? What then? Would we spend day after day lying there waiting for what was supposed to happen to happen? Or would we get up (however we could) and try to figure a way out of this, or maybe find a way of coping with our new reality?
It's a challenge to believe that every frustrating thing that happens is done so for a reason or with a purpose, but, truly it is.
This new less-than-perfect-fit job, may not be what you had your heart set on, but I promise you, it IS what HIS heart had planned.
I can't wait to hear about how life will rearrange itself for you now! :)
And Bravo to them for finding YOU wonderful, and telling you quickly!