Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last Place I Looked...

Why is it when you are looking for something it's always in the last place you looked? Seriously. Grr. I lost some important documents and my orientation is tomorrow. So if you do the math that means I have to find them (yeah sometimes I'm a procrastinator, but I knew I'd have a good part of the day to accomplish this task).

I was thinking about it before I went to sleep last night because they have been missing for several months. I've been meaning to go to the proper offices and get new copies, and well frankly, that's a pain in the arse. So I never got around to doing that.

In my sleep I was looking for these documents in the usual places I have the last few months. Then I looked in my glove box and there they were! So you would think that would be the first place I looked, right? Um. No. I don't exactly work that way.

I seriously looked for like 5 hours. I was so aggravated. I looked on top of the fridge in those empty cabinets, in the closet where we keep the cat snacks, and in last years coat pockets. Behind my dresser (even though I already looked there last month) as well as the giant bag of documents to be shredded. I tore the cushions off of the couch, looked in between books (maybe I used the envelope for a bookmark and forgot)- you name it in the house and I looked. It didn't matter how ridiculous.

I told Kirby if he is ever missing any special documents or papers, if they're not in my filing cabinet we don't have them.

BUT on a whim I remembered my dream so I dug everything out of my glove box and there they were!! Holy freaking cow pies! What a wast of my entire day! I should have followed my subconscious and checked out my car in the first place. There was even a business card from the last place I visited in the envelope. Why did I put them there? In my car of all places?

I'll tell you why. I knew I'd need them and didn't want to file them or carry them around- so me being me put them in a place where I wouldn't forget. Those stupid papers have been missing for months and months! I hate it when I do that! Except when I hide money and forget. I found $20 the other day in my planner. Cool.

Lesson: In this case persistence paid off. It also got 2 closets organized.

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