Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Pretty sure someone used my email to sign up for some stuff or something. I keep getting spam for my email in a nick name that only a few people know about. Hmm wonder who it could be? Most of it are for pretty good deals.

In my OCD I have to check my spam mail before I delete it. I don't know why- maybe I'll miss something?

I remember when I was 16 my cousin and a friend prank called all these businesses posing as me, giving them my name and address, and saying how much I loved their product (or whatever it was). I got stuff in the mail for weeks. They were so jealous because they thought I was going to get in trouble (out of love, of course).

I still have the "bit-o-honey" towel. Or whatever it is. One of those candies you only see around Halloween. Oh gosh- I love the sweet factory!

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