Monday, October 19, 2009

Things I do sometimes.

So I have like this giant zit on my nose. It was like the exaggerated ones they do in movies and t.v. Only for real. Bright red and hurty. I hate the hurty ones. So I made sure to have make up on today and to take some cover up with me. I was in the ladies room "touching" up. I felt like such a priss. No one cared nor does anyone care. But I do and that is the law of zits.

Also I was driving home and it is one of those roads where you drive down and if you don't move over next thing you know is you're in a turn lane. Traffic was thick (and there were 2 motorcycles behind me) and I turned into a lane. Turns out I should have stayed in the one I was in because that was the turning lane. I could have moved over right away, except I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of the motorcycles. So essentially I wasted 5 minutes and had to go on the interstate because I was an idiot too embarrassed to move back over. Oh well better to save face than look silly around strangers.

I don't know what my mood is today. Making up for not being silly for the last several weeks I guess.

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