Monday, August 2, 2010

Lappie Pooped On Me

Last time I tried to make a blog via this fancy phone from my work- it didn't work. Something is wrong with lappie so she won't turn on. I could go upstairs to my pc that is 10 years old (okay closer to 9)... But yah that aint happening w/ a broke ankle.

This really bites a little. I'm anxious to get my lazy butt off the couch. Oh well I have my baby shower coming up to keep me occupied. I don't think that is good distraction cuz its being thrown here and I can't clean! Well... I could clean off the couch I'm laying on.

Crutches suck. As I said before its love/hate and my good leg burns from doing all the work. I will have one sexay leg when I'm better. I'm thinking the more armpit hair I grow the more padding, but that is just icky. Also my palms hurt. Ugh. Can't go pee every 5 minutes with out them!! Crutches win. Sigh.

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