Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yay! 100th Post

That is on THIS blog! I don't know how many total... Someday I will add them up, although blogspot does keep a good record for me, I'm just too lazy to add them.

Anyway I have had a fantabulous weekend. My daughter turned 17, okay not really. Just 7 on Friday, but you'd never guess it was only 7. She is definitely a character in my life that I don't ever know what I did before she came along!

So she wanted to get her bangs cut because her hair in her eyes. Okay. The way her hair parts we always get them angled. She wasn't sure if she liked them so the lady told me to have her sleep on them (not literally) and if she wasn't sure in the morning we could get them fixed.

Conclusion- all her best friends (she doesn't have regular friends, only best friends) have their bands straight across so she wanted hers straight across. So we had to give into peer pressure and do what all her best friends have. She kept looking in the mirror to see if they were straight across and straightening them out.

On the way to her dad's she kept asking me over and over if they were straight. I had to tell her, yes they're cut straight, but her hair isn't plastic so it's going to move around sometimes so it isn't always going to stick in the exact places. With that said- she fixed them in the side view mirror of the car, clamped her hands on top of her head, and ran up the porch to her dad's house. She wanted to be sure the wind wasn't going to mess them up.

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