Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yep, that's broke

Gavin was riding his bike and crashed it yesterday and he broke his hand. I didn't think it was broke (he wiggled all his fingers and stuff), but I knew it was going to be bruised pretty bad cuz he fell on it. I had him put ice on it and a couple hours later when Kirby came home it was all puffed up and stuff. So we took him to redi-med and sure enough it was broke!

They said it was a weird spot and they couldn't set it there so they put it in a splint and we have to go to orthopedics this morning (impatiently waiting for them to open to call) and they will set it and he will get a cast. He just has to keep it elevated and I gave him ibuprofen and ice for it. Poor guy!!

He still wants to ride his bike tho, what a trooper. He hardly cried, but I'm really worried and freaking out (inside) about getting it set. I've never had a broken bone, but I have a feeling it's going to hurt really bad when they set it. :(

It's his right hand 5th bone (that controls the pinky) kind of on the bottom closer to the wrist.

We're supposed to leave Friday-tomorrow- to Southern Indiana to go camping and stuff. Kirby says he should be able to do everything we have planned just have to bring the ibuprofen and bags (for his cast). I feel so bad for him, but he's been really good about it- so far!

ps he says he isn't going to let anyone sign it. I wonder if they still do the colored ones? OH it's just after 8:00 I can call the Orthopedics and call for his appt. *gulp*

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