Monday, July 13, 2009

You have to do

I suppose when you're subjected to stress it's harder to be spontaneous? The cool thing about "getting away" is that you really can forget about everything you leave behind. Where we were this weekend was so far out in the hilly countryside I didn't even have phone service for 3 days (sorry anyone who text or called me Fri, Sat, or Sun- I didn't get them).

If you hadn't guessed, we were out of town... Kirby and me and 4 of the kids, camping. Oh yeah it was a blast! I think they had fun. Kirby couldn't find my grocery list so he "winged" it from memory. We had hot dogs twice and lots of chips. I don't really like chips, i.e. migraine triggers, very much. Or hot dogs.

Oh we forgot one extra sleeping bag and no extra blankets. Oops. Always forget something important, right? Brr for the sleeping adults (at least it was summertime).

Anyway the one thing we got to do was go caving!! It was so cool. Giant caverns with stalactites and stalagmites and columns and crystals. Still water and waterfalls inside it... We only did walking tours since Gavin has a broken hand (he's doing a lot better, as good as can be expected- poor guy). Gwyn was about 8 days too young anyway to do the crawling, get all dirty ones. They were really cool because I had never been in a cave. I so want to go again! With my mud boots and dirty jeans!

If you haven't ever gone caving I highly recommend it. It is definitely an experience you must have. Photos and descriptions just don't do it any justice. Speaking of, I will try to get a photo up next blog (if they turned out).

ps, if you have a camper with a/c and a flat screen t.v.- that's just wrong!! Camping cheaters! lol

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