Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best Birthday Ever

Well I've had a lot of best birthdays, but there aren't many that can top today!

For starters shortly after midnight (because I'm a night owl) I got 2 presents, one I've wanted for like 3 years! My IPOD!! Now now I have to make a better effort to learn the names of bands and who sings what and what the songs are called so I can put the songs I like on my IPOD. I'm so excited!

Kirby is most certainly the bestest card picker outer ever. He passed Romance 101 with An A++.

I took another vacation day and spent most of it chaperoning Gwyneth's 1st grade class field trip to the zoo. That was a blast! FYI: first graders aren't as crazy as 4th graders, but definitely more random. So I had a pretty good time and so did Gwyn and her friends. Today was absolutely *BEAUTIFUL* out. Then I cleaned and that was pretty boring, but after I picked up the kids from school I played a game with Gwyn and got realllly sleepy.

So I fell asleep... then she did. Then I woke to check on her and I fell asleep on her bed. Kirby came home with Josh and Cruz and we went to eat. Flanagan's, my choice. Mmmm. Kids were crazy because I let them get jacked up on soda and ice cream. I really expected them (the restaurant people) to sing to me, but they didn't. I can say I'm a little disappointed. I love those cheesy birthday antics at restaurants. Last time I was totally, um yeah drunk, and I asked the guy at IHOP to sing to me (it's only a littel fuzzy)... That was 2 years ago. he he, I went dancing for that birthday. That was pretty fun, too.

Anyway when we got home we got the kids showered up and ready for bed and played apples to apples and guess what? I won! Last week I beat all the zombies and this week I beat everyone again. I'm the bomb.

Lesson: There's nothing wrong with getting older, besides I can still brag that I'm in my 20's.

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Mr. Mcknob said...

I can brag too. I an in my 20's till the end of this year. *sob*