Thursday, May 7, 2009

History Museum Nerd

This is reserved for the History Museum post. I reserved the date incorrectly. We actually went on Friday the 8th. So it may seem like I'm from the future, but I'm not. I'm just writing a few days late because I had a migraine. Thanks for your understanding.

If you still think I'm from the future- I should be sure to wear a sweater on the 12th because the building I'm going to be in is FREEZING. In fact, I'm going to watch a DVD, so I should bring my electric blankey and make myself comfortable.

Anyway I went to volunteer for a 4th grade class field trip... A few things went through my head. Like was I ever that crazy? I don't remember it. Also, are 4th graders as nerdy as me (except for Gavin who I know liked it) and enjoyed it. I think they all loved it. And Gavin really reminds me of my cousin Jory, the way he's quiet.

Of course they all liked the jail part in the basement. That was the highlight of every child. And they all liked when the alarm went off (but not as much as the jail). I had a naughty kid in my group. I jokingly shut him in- which ended up starting a trend to shut most of a class in (I have a photo on my cell phone), maybe I'll try to get it on here later if it'll work).

Wow I would love to be a 4th grader again!

Oh back to the alarm thing- either Gavin or I accidentally set the alarm off. Not sure which. OOPS. I turned to scold a student for whistling loud. That's what I thought it was (until the 2nd person set it off for a lot longer).

Oh they have silent bus. That was weird. The kids had to bring their books with them because they aren't allowed to talk on the bus. There actually was some talking, but it wasn't the crazy insane bus rides I remember as a child. Unusual, but effective.

So I didn't even realize Fort Wayne HAD a history museum we will definitely be going back soon!

Lesson: Next time I chaperon a field trip I need to make sure the teacher knows I can't be around girls that wear perfume (I think that is what helped set off the migraine attack officially)- and perhaps earplugs for anything that may involve a basement and children.

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