Thursday, May 28, 2009

Arms are for arms

So it was another Wednesday and that was another day of a house full of monkeys- I mean children. Wednesday is our designated game night and they ALL look forward to that!

I don't know what it is about the kids, but they always sit askew in the chairs all twisted weird with their legs up on the arms and stuff. It looks quite uncomfortable, but it must not be too terrible.

Kirby's constantly "the arms on the chairs are for arms, if they were for your legs they would be called legs"

So me, being the smarty pants, sitting on the stool asked him if I should poo on it because I was on a stool and stools should be for your stool, right?

He didn't find it as amusing as I did. Of course I kept snickering to myself about my smart comment all day at work. I'm so clever with my play on words. Not quite so as Piers Anthony (I think he has a pantie fetish, btw).

Lesson: If you're going to use a play on words around children, make sure your stool isn't in use- at least around me.


Mr. Mcknob said...

DUDE! That's exactly waht I would have said. Nice post. L:ove your blog!

Anonymous said...

Stool! I like that . . .

My mom used to call me ma'am all the time:

"Can I have some more yummylicious ice cream, pleeease?"

"No ma'am."

No wonder I'm so messed up . . .