Monday, May 25, 2009

We need more cowbell!

So Friday Kirby did a little post birthday surprise for me. That was totally awesome and sweet! He got onto my face book and started messaging my friends to tell them to meet us at Beamers and to text him yay or nay. But it was so random and last minute he only got like 2 people (I came in the room and wanted to check my stuff)... LOL He got a hold of our mutual friends via text on his cell phone.

So anyway we got a decent crowd of people there and I made everyone sign a birthday card that I conveniently had in my purse. I had a lot of fun. There was a local band playing (they weren't too bad) and they needed a volunteer for a cowbell. Well... who of all people got drug up there to play the cowbell? Yeah- it was me.

Apparently I was terrible. I told the guys I couldn't keep a beat because I was too inebriated at that point to do so. I think even sober I probably couldn't keep a beat.

There were only a few things going through my head:

Don't have a "serious" look. We need more cowbell!! No no... keep a beat. And then I started singing along with the song (I forget what song it was).

Lesson: well have fun and don't worry about making a fool of yourself when your friends force you to.

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Triana said...

Still Groove! Hubie Ashcraft special... drunk birthday girls for the cowbel!! It happens hon. Don't worry, one night Conga Kurt walked by me to hand me the tamborine to keep beat as Good Night Gracie jams the house. I tried to tell him I am in NO WAY musical. Ever sober. He hands in to me anyway and in less than 30 seconds took it away & told me I wasn't lying. Deflated my self esteem. Happy belated birthday!

I'm super sad that the ONE night I wasn't out for a Still Groove show, you were! *sigh* Hubie is a really good friend of mine.