Monday, May 18, 2009

Window Licker

That is what one of my co-workers say for people that do less than common sence things. Today I was a window licker.

Granted I had my little vacation so I hadn't been to work since the 7th... but today I had a customer give me some Jackson dishwasher parts. He didn't believe the price on a roller was $1.64 and told me to check it. So I get into the Champion dishwasher price list and I can't find the part number in it. I tell him I have to call him back for updated pricing.

I go back and forth periodically through the day because I *really* don't want to call the factory for a $1.64 roller (that we have in stock, mind you) because my customer wants to argue with me. Finally after multiple checks in our system and the Champion Dish price list I pull up the Champion vendor number to call them. I'm looking at the vendor number, writing our team an e-mail (so if anyone else has any other Champion parts I can help them, too- it reduces calls to the factory)... when I look down and something clicks in my brain.

My customer didn't give me Champion parts. He gave me Jackson parts! Of course I can't find that part in the Champion parts list! Silly me. So I pull his part up in the Jackson price list and there it is $1.64 with the description and everything.

Oh it's good to be me.

Lesson: if I can't laugh at me I know everyone else can!

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mollie.dirig said...

But you figured this out BEFORE you emailed them all, right?? Knowing me, I would've sent that email to the entire company and looked like a majorly foolish window licker!!!

Good story. Thanks for sharing. :D