Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weird Ramblings and Family Nerdfest

So I was out today on a business luncheon and who it is right near from us but one of the big boss guys from my job?! Weird. I felt kind of awkward so I gave them the cold shoulder. It's not that I'm not friendly, it's that I just didn't feel running into them was very appropriate. Anyway I wonder if they would have said hello if they recognized me anyway? Oh I guess I should mention I was socializing with another company.

Speaking of other companies another weird thing happened. I told you about this *big* special test thing I did, right? Word must be on the streets- I'm at home cleaning when I have this company call me and they want an interview tomorrow!! Crazy. I politely declined. Actually what really happened was they got my resume off of a web site. They said I submitted it to the company, but I don't remember doing that. Of course I haven't been on any job sites in over 2 months...

You know what else is weird? When I am typing I ALWAYS transpose my "i's" and "e's". I alwasy write "wierd" and "thier" instead of "weird" and "their" for example. It drives me inane. I don't know. I guess my right hand is just slightly faster than my left so I always misspell those "ei" words. I know no one cares, but I'm constantly correcting them so I just thought I'd ramble pointlessly for a moment.

So all weirdness aside- I've decided to implement something back into our family that we kind of stopped doing... GAMING!

Gwyneth pointed out that since she can read now she can play games better because she doesn't need as much help. Good point.

Gosh I love being a nerd. We had some resistance (normally not everyone will play, but my rules was "family gaming" ALL have to play), but within 5 minutes into the nerd fest everyone was into it. Kirby picked the game.

I won. I beat all the zombies! I have never won that game before. I guess no one expected the underdog to win.

Lesson: expect the unexpected and take extra steps to make sure no one will recognise you- incognito. Whatever.

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