Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grooming Supplies in the Pantry

So Gwyn was looking for her comb- which was in the pantry. Because we ALL keep our combs in the pantry right? Well she has this unique way of doing two things at once where she does her hair and eats snacks at the same time. So we normally keep her comb in the pantry. It's just easier for her to find it there.

Actually I found it as I was searching for a snack myself. I left it there because I'm a mean mom who teaches her children responsibility. So when she took her shower the next night and asked where her comb is. *side note- WHY does she ALWAYS ask me where things are like I KNOW when she's the one that lost them? Like I can do a vulcan mind probe and "see" it. Anyway when she asked where it was and I told her I asked if she rememberd WHY it would be in the pantry and WHAT she should have done before getting a snack. Then she remembered that she didn't eat anything in the pantry, she had a cheese stick! So she looked in the fridge.

*sigh* I practically give her the answer, and she still gets it wrong. Sometimes I'd like to crawl in her brain and take a look around. I bet it's interesting.

Lesson: I do silly things, so does my daughter. Like mother like daughter.

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