Monday, May 4, 2009

Stop making fun of me, please

So what if I don't talk like you, and enunciate my words exactly as you feel I should. So what if I say "pitcher" instead of "pick-ture". Or slip up and say "Alanta" instead of "AT-lanta" or "binch" instead of "bench" who really cares? Geez. No one has perfect grammar and neither do you- so lay off.

I like the way I talk. My customers down south say I talk like a hill billy northerner. Actually they say Yankee, but that word makes me want to giggle. It sounds so prejudice. And my customers in the north/midwest say I have a slight southern drawl. I constantly catch myself using bad English, "I'll git it right to ya" and "gimmie a few to look it up" as well as other phrases that I've picked up along the way. Partly in a rush to get off the phone and partly just because it slips out.

In my opinion, mostly no one (i.e. our customers), care because I'm (and I believe our group)is courteous and my messages get across to them in a professional (if some what improper grammatical) way. They understand what I'm saying. Shoot bubba, half the time I just pick up what their dialect while I'm talking!!

wow lots of parentheses. I like those.

Is it more professional to have a co-worker correct their sentence in front of the entire group several times or to just let it go? I don't make a point on everything everyone else does that is incorrect, we all should show the same respect to everyone. It may not always be me that is singled out, but I'm just as humiliated when it's another co-worker.

We're a group, a team, and sometimes we don't always act like one. I love our team when we're being a team, but when we're not, it makes me very sad. There I'm getting off my soap box, that has just been aggravating me for a while. I feel better.

Lesson: Biting your tongue will only make your speech impediment worse. Standing up for yourself is hard, but necessary! You are who you are and your co-workers have to realize that.

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