Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Funny about olives

Tuesdays are random and funny. Especially when I wait until Thursday to comment. I just rack my brain for all the random things that have happened and I can't think of any. Well I have some inside jokes, but those would take too long to explain.

I yelled at my cat for licking for 45 minutes straight, I'm surprised he isn't bald! So he got his revenge by getting in the "position" ...as in ready to give me some cat puke. He didn't, it was jut a false alarm.

Seriously- I know I talk about the cat puke a lot. I can't help it. My cat is old and likes to puke. I think he could be bulimic.

Okay what is it with olives? Garry attacks people that eat olives. He loves them. He will bite your hand if he thinks you are hiding one from him. He will bite your hand if he thinks it is an olive.

So we had some olives and we were getting him to do "tricks" like jump (he would never do that), get on Millie, but he would chase our hands. Then he would try to attack our hand and lick it.

Olives make them act like they're high on cat nip. Especially Garry. I ate one in front of him and he gave me a dirty look.

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