Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hiding Cinnamon Rolls (on the roof of my mouth)

Remember this blog?

Well I thought I had beat those dreams since I made that blog... but apparently I didn't. So I had several dreams where I was chewing this green gum and not only was I constantly pulling gum out of my mouth (then it got weird) at one point I even took out 2 cinnamon rolls. Granted, they were mini cinnamon rolls (I think strawberry flavored), what was I doing with 2 cinnamon rolls on the roof of my mouth?

When I found the cinnamon rolls my mom was in my room watching me spit the gum out (which is unusual because in my dreams I typically do it privately). She seemed shocked that I had cinnamon rolls hiding in my mouth and demanded what other foods have I been hoarding away? And what was I going to do with them? I kept taking gum out the entire time, trying to explain to her that I went to a buffet earlier (which I did in another dream- my dreams seem to run together), but I didn't save it, the cinnamon rolls must have gotten stuck without my knowledge.

As usual, I don't even remember putting any gum in my mouth. When I pull it out of my mouth little by little and then it gets more and more and bigger and bigger and I have to use both hands... That is the part that I hate the most. The pulling it out and especially when it's stuck on the roof of my mouth, around my tongue, and around my teeth. I'm always afraid I'm going to choke on it or something. I think I choke and gag in real life sometimes.

Those gum dreams seriously freak me out, add cinnamon rolls and I'm disturbed for the day.

I started a new migraine medication, and those that know me know that I can have some really wild vivid dreams... well guess what one of the side effects are? Vivid dreams. How crazy is that? I'll tell you what. If I have the gum dream to many times I don't know- I may have to choose a headache over it. I have another one about monkey pee. Perhaps I'll share what I remember about that one tomorrow.

In the mean time: Keep dreaming... Not sure how I can beat my gum nightmares, but I'll think of something.

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