Monday, September 28, 2009

Thinking with a clear mind

It's hard to think with a clear mind when everything around you is muck. Every time I think I have done it right and things are a shade of glass, something colors it.

I realize no matter what you say or do there are always things that are going to happen. You can't avoid changes that are going to occur to you or those around you, so there is no point in fighting it.

What is there to do? We don't have to sit back and take it and hope for the best. We do have some say in our own lives! Even when others around us are making the decisions that are going to affect us.

I've often heard that you can choose your reaction, although that would take some preconceived thoughts. If someone knew what was going to happen then they could obviously decide how to react and what to do.

Fact is, we don't always know what to do. Sometimes information has to sink in.

Thank you to everyone that read my previous blog. I know I've had some blogs that were out there (and even I'm embarrassed I put that smut up there) or were just completely ridiculous... but it's just me and really- no matter what you think of me, regardless if you like me or not you can't ask for more, different, improved, better, or anything.

I had a several comments about it on my facebook and my myspace. I really appreciate those that are my true friends. I know sometimes I dump on you. Sometimes you don't even know I do because I just sent you a text or something and said 'hi' or something and that was all I needed. I just want to say thanks.

I don't always think with a clear or unjudgemental mind, but I try.

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