Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Quack Make Me A Flapjack

I'm sure like most songs I sing along with on the radio (I got that line out of a book), but somewhere I left the actual words behind and made up my own. I don't think I'm much of a rule bender, but I wonder if I ever combine rules and begin to make up my own when I forget what the original ones are.

Today is a rather gloomy day and I'm home (again) doing what homebodies do best I suppose. Playing on the computer! No I'm kidding. I've got a ton of housework to do. My mind feels so much like mush these days. blah. It's hard to feel worth while when the things I do aren't really worth while. Yeah, yeah the laundry will get done eventually, the dishes will get washed, Garry's cat vomit will get shampooed... Sometimes I wish I did greater things besides cat vomit duty. I also wish I didn't have to get migraines or bother with eating because that's an inconvenience.

I tell you- that human food idea I pitched several blogs back is an idea worth listening to!! Think how easy it would be to feed the kids. You could put bowls out like the cat dishes and they can come and go. We can have treats (my cats love them) and if the kids are good, we can give them treats. Maybe the treats can be in the form of candy corn. Mmm. Nah, cuz then I'd lock myself in the pantry like *someone* did the other day.

Well it's a Monday. It's gloomy, cold, wet, rainy, and blah- so it's no wonder everyone else is blah too. Oh well we'll get over it. Just think of sunshines!!

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