Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As I promised: Monkey Pee

So apparently I was invited to a baby shower or a wedding shower. You know how they always have these cheesy games? Well this one was slightly different and apparently a lot more fun! Here is basically how you play (according to my dream so if it doesn't make sense blame my brain):

So we are grouped up and we get iPhones with various photos and videos of monkeys. Each person has their own group of monkeys they work with. At the end of the game you get with your group and score your points all together. So you work individually (but together) one of your monkeys may also be assigned to someone in another group. Each phone has different monkeys, but there are only a certain number of monkeys altogether.

So once you figure which monkeys you have, you go to monkey island and make friends with your monkeys and give them water to drink. Why do you want your monkeys to drink? Because apparently the object of the game is to get your monkey to pee the most. You get them to pee by making them drink.

You have to collect the monkey pee in large beakers (yuck!!!).

I was pretty upset because at first I thought I only had 2 monkeys, then in the video I saw 4 other monkey's. But they were baby/kid monkeys and you know that those don't pee a lot.

So that is about it for my monkey pee dream. I don't know who won because I woke up. If that makes you want to play that game- well the idea isn't patented, but I don't foresee it becoming a very popular game.

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Triana said...

Wow. At this point I'm glad I'm not in your brain. At least not while you are dreaming! Oh heck, I prolly dream just as silly, I just never remember a thing.