Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Letter For You

Dear D. B.

Yes this is for you.  You're so lucky you get your own special letter on the Internet.  You've made it in my life as someone who's touched me, but I know you will never care.  You've reiterated to me something I may have forgotten in the last few years.   That life isn't fair.  You've showed me that doing the right thing doesn't really matter.  I forgot that, too.  You reminded me that the nice people usually finish last.

I guess I must have forgotten quite a bit of the lessons I have supposedly learned before.  Thanks for the refresher.   

Do you know why nice people finish last?  Because it's the nice people that help clean up after people like you.  It's the nice people that make sure you're ok before making sure they're ok.  It's the nice people that do the right thing so people like you don't have to.

You did something wrong.  You know it.  I know it.  But I guess that is as far as it goes, isn't it?  You're a selfish person.  I will probably kick myself for years for doing the right thing when it came to you.  I'm sure you won't give me a second thought, though.  By then you'll have done many other wrongs and hurt many other people.  

I hope you got what you wanted.  I hope your parents are proud of the way they've raised you.  To do whatever you want.  To be dishonest.  To run from your mistakes.  To spite any consequences you might deserve.  And I hope they are particularly proud that you refuse to take responsibility for your actions.

As parent myself, well I can't agree with your parents.  Because I'm a nice person.  I've raised my children to be responsible and upstanding citizens.

I wish I could say or do something about this, but the fact is, I can't.  You know it.  You got off clean.  So I guess good for you.  I hope the next person you wrong isn't one of the nice people.  I hope they are as selfish and dishonest as you are. 

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