Saturday, November 16, 2013

lovemeowing again

I don't know if I ever told you guys, but I got a new cat... um like over a year ago.   Better to announce this late than never.  I guess I should have made my Meow announcement before the Bandit announcement.   

So...  after my old man cat Garry got sick Poor Gary Kitty  and died (even now it is so hard to say that without tears trying to overcome me) I didn't think I would ever get another cat.  It just hurts so much sometimes.

Anyway fast forward from Jan 2011 to June 2012 and some texts and photos from my cousin in Elkhart- (that's a couple hours drive from where I live) and bam! I have another cat.  Basically- she was taking a couple of her kids to the bus stop (she's got like 5 of various ages like me) and there was this kitten stranded!  She took him home and found out he was box trained and super sweet.  So she sent me a message and basically told me her husband might kill her if she rescues another animal.

So she brought him up from Elkhart and he came home.  Rowan named him Meow.  He is appropriately named as he is the most vocal cat I've ever had.  In recent days we can even have a conversation. 

My conversation goes something like this:
"Did you have a good day today?"
"Did you tease the dog?"
"Meow meeeow"
"I see.  How did you and Millie get along?"
"So you didn't fight too much?"
"How many strings did you steal?"
(silence)  Yup, Meow has a string fetish.... 
"Ok, I understand.  You don't want to get yourself in trouble."
"Are you hungry?  Did you have a good lunch?  How was your yummy cat food?"
"Meow Meeeow Meow"

So Meow is black...  And has a lot of Garry's personality.  I think they might be distant cousins.  Below is when he was learning to use the cat door.   Now I fear he may be getting too tubby to fit at the rate he's grown!    

It was mentioned I should put my "life lessons" like I used to when I blogged more consistently.  I don't know if I have a life lesson...   I guess I could say don't let getting hurt prevent you from loving again.  Sometimes protecting yourself can make you feel even more empty than just risking it.

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