Tuesday, November 19, 2013

more car drama

So today I call my insurance company and it gets even better.  Apparently the officer that wrote up the report stated that we were both at fault.  I just want to say What The Potato Salad??  Are you kidding me?  She hits ME and then she RUNS off and I'm partially at fault?  I've gone over that scenario a billion times in my head.  There is no way I was at fault. She hit me from behind and continued to pass me through the turning lane.  

I should have just let her drive off because I had her license plate #'s.  Uggh.

So basically it's my word against hers.  I've never been in a fender bender in the 16 years I've been driving.  Except that one time I accidentally backed into my ex's car shortly after I found out about the affair.  That was a total freak accident and since that car was technically mine I didn't do a report.   LOL  

Oh yeah and my insurance company calls and says that my name is incorrect on the report.  They submitted some form to the BMV and apparently your names have to match exactly as it is on your license or they will suspend your license.   Great.

Apparently the only person who can amend the report is the police officer himself.

I'm so irritated and annoyed.

So I'm doing this 30 days of thankfulness crap on face book.   Yeah...   I'm not feeling very thankful about much right now.  I told Kirby I need like a pound of chocolate.   

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