Tuesday, November 19, 2013

cars go smash!

Sometimes if Rowan is being impatient in traffic he will say "just crash those cars out of the way!"

Well apparently another driver last night had the same mentality of my 3 year old...  So I was turning into a turn lane and she apparently was driving in the median because she totally sideswiped me!  I stopped on impact, but she kept a go-go-going.  

 I stopped on the initial bump at the back of my car.  I wouldn't have been worried about it at all at that point, but she just totally blew me off the road.   Sort of.  So it gets better.  She doesn't stop then!  The light happened to turn green and she goes!  I'm still in shock, but I chase her down.  Through a large parking lot and down a side street!  By this time I called the police and I told them I got side swiped and she drove off... and I was following her.  She goes around to another shopping center lot and finally parks. 

She gets out and tells me she had an interview near here.  Needless to say she missed her interview.  I was feeling really sorry for her last night because she was very young, but at the same time she needs to take responsibility.  I hope she was able to reschedule her interview.

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