Monday, November 4, 2013

Welcome Stinky Dog!

So I'm not a dog person.  I mean seriously.  I have no desire to be around dogs.  They're not soft, they smell, they slobber,... they yap, they jump on you, they bite at you.  I mean the list goes on and on.  And yes I'm totally generalizing and stereotyping. 

So my co-worker asks me if I would be interested in adopting her dog.  After some seriously deliberation my daughter has been asking me for YEARS and I always say "go ask your dad." my own mind starts a whirling.  So I'm dreaming of car rides with head out of the window (his, not necessarily mine), playing fetch, and long walks in the sunset.  Ok so I added the sunset part. 

My husband and I talked about it over and over and we contemplated with the kids and decided to "try it out" (like dog sit over the weekend) which basically means we're going to get it cuz why would you "try it out" if you really don't want it?

So yup.  I'm the owner of a dog.  A big stinky dog.  He's a husky and if anyone that has huskies has tips on walking him that would really help part of my dog fantasy work. 

Ok so he's super sweet.  I don't really know how anyone can be around him and not a like him.  He's an attention hog and if you smile at him he loves you. So...  Besides eating random things, particularly tissues, and the whole smelly thing, he's great.

He grew up around a cat so he thinks he's a cat.  He's a little rough with the cat toys, but we have yet to try the laser pointer on him. He's kind of heavy to snuggle on the lap, too.  So in all my dog fantasy is mostly coming around.  A little differently than I planned in my head.  I've had to make some adjustments.   Like one of those plug in room freshener thingies.  And brushing him a billion times a week.  Maybe a pair of non-slick socks for when he dribbles over the floor in the kitchen...

My daughter and I gave him a bath tonight.  We might not be the brightest two in the bunch to do that. I know he'll smell super good tomorrow, but man does he smell like a wet dog right now!  Oh and it's supposed to rain the day after tomorrow.  I didn't say we were the brightest two in the bunch.  But I'm thinking 1 day of smelly goodness might be all I need to make my day tomorrow.  

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