Thursday, April 23, 2009

TALKY talky

Someone at work has a hoarse voice, just one of those things I guess. She has been complaining about it for 2 days. Which is understandable, considering we are all blah, blah, blah on the phones all day. She's like, "I can't stand this..." and "I hate this.." and everything... She said she sounded like me. Um, EXCUSE me?? Was that a part of the "I can't stand this..." complaining thing going on?

I've heard her make comments about my voice before (yeah it's real girly, high pitched, and whiny) but it's not like I can help how I sound. Should I use my man-voice from now on? You know- the one I used to use when I played Ken when I was little? I wish I could record something here because I think it would be totally hilarious. Actually I have a better idea: I should suck on some helium and come into work and be like "good morning, I'm ready for work!"

*sigh* bloggers that haven't heard me talk- if only you could. You would SO get a laugh. Just look at my profile photo. That will give you a laugh.

I wonder what kind of reaction I would get out of that?? I accidentally got high off of helium when I was 12... (long story).

Lesson: Pick your battles, because fighting over you voice- well it's really not worth it, is it? Maybe she has to make herself feel better. I hope that helped, then.

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