Sunday, April 26, 2009

X's and baby daddy (or mama's)

Were they invented to make your life miserable or to just give you variety? Grrr.

Ya know, I'm a pretty good ex. From what I hear with my friends that have to deal with the baby mama's or baby daddy's I could be a lot worse. I try not to be although I will admit there are times I really WANT to be nasty and selfish. I know it's important for the kids to have a relationship with their dad. To spend TIME with him. I wish their dad could appreciate what I do for them- giving up MY time so he can have MORE when I don't think he deserves it. He seems to think I'm self centered and all I think about is myself and my wants.

If only he knew my ulterior motives in wanting my children to grow into responsible, happy, well adjusted, productive adults...

Lesson: Aside for the children- don't EVER go out of your way for them. There is a reason they are an X.

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