Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Missing Documents and other boring stuff

I think someone stole my identity. Although I don't know WHO would want to do that. My marriage certificate and social security card have seemed to grow legs and walk off. To you Mr (because you're an idiot and probably don't realize that "ARYAN" is a female name- *sigh* fellow bloggers pronounced Uh-Ry-ann) and I'm mad if you DO try to steal my identity.

Good luck getting any kind of important loan. My credit isn't exactly the best, thanks to the gift of divorce.

Anyway I'm probably the real idiot and misplaced them. I've been trying to get to my bank for months to get my name legally changed (and checks ordered) and therefore never put them away properly.

So today I had parent teacher conferences and the kids had a 1/2 day of school and I had to take a 3/4ths day of work. So I had time to *finally* go to the bank and get it done. Of COURSE they needed those documents and I looked for 3 hours and coudn't find them.

So when I went to pick up the kids Gavin's teacher forgot to tell him that he was a car rider and he wasn't in line. So I pull into the parking lot and I'm calling the YMCA trying to find when the bus will be there incase he got on it when I see the Y bus leave the school and I hang up on them to get the lady to flag the bus down, but I'm buckled in. THEN the school calls and tells me Gavin's in the office and where am I? I say I'm in your parking lot because my kid wasn't out there where he was supposed to be. So they send him out. He was very upset. His teacher forgot to tell him he was a car rider. I told him not to worry, I would have found him.
Poor guy!

Anyway I know you want to know how the kids did- so I'm going to make you wait till tomorrow!!

Just kidding. They did great. Gavin is on the honor roll and Gwyn's teacher said her grades couldn't get any better than what they are. She is her top reader and Gwyn even borrowed a book from her teacher!

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