Monday, April 13, 2009

On a whim..

So I'm speaking to a customer today and as luck has it I typically get the majority of the foreign (or would it be more politicaly correct to say difficult to understand) ones. Not that I have any problems with that, I think I can be very patient and soothing, especially when they are frazzled (although it can be very taxing on me, too) because they feel no one takes the time to understand them.

So anyway as per previous blog those that don't know me now know my name is three syllables. So sometimes people get stuck on that- hey sometimes my own family has trouble with it!

Well this poor fellow today just couldn't figure it out no matter I enunciated or when I spelled it. He finally said Ary- whim? I said "that will do sir."

And little does he know how fitting that is- or how fitting I would like it to be.

Lesson: appreciate the little things. I say that a lot, and boy oh boy do I try.

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