Monday, April 6, 2009

Tooth Fairy Visit

I was in the shower yesterday and when I get out I hear Kirby tell Gwyn to show me what's on the table. I peer over and see grass. Okay so she's got grass on the table (they had a cup of it they were growing from the YMCA).

I go back to whatever I was doing, probably being a lazy bum on the computer, when she shoves this bloody tooth in my face! Gross! I look at her and she is smiling and the tooth that she told me only the day before was loose is STILL in there so I'm confused. Apparently she lost a DIFFERENT one.

I don't remember Gavin losing so many teeth....

So Gavin was cleaning his room and *finally* put the first one (you'll have to find my blog I think it's titled the "toothless fairy" or something for the story) under her pillow. So she had two teeth under her pillow last night.

I finally got rid of that gold dollar with our 8th president (Van Buren) on it that I've been saving for her for EVER! I also gave her another 4 quarters and 2 dimes and a nickle. I figured saving a tooth for a month deserved some kind of interest.

So this morning she looks under her pillow and shouts "What?! NO dollars?!" I counted her dollars with her.

After school Gavin asked her about her money and she showed him and he was like "Oh I can't believe you gave her a gold dollar!!"

Gwyn realized that I (the MOM) could possibly "be" the tooth fairy and that I would trade her teeth for money? I told her if I had a gold dollar like that I would keep it. She thought that over and realized that must have been a good point.

Lesson: Always have a back up plan and a way to save your arse. I don't know why parents do the tooth fairy and santa, but I suppose it's always kind of fun... and deep down we can catch a little piece of our lost childhood.

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