Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodbye April.

I think this last month was one giant April Fool. I'm going to wake up tomorrow and the problems of last month will have dissipated. Except for the few customers paper's that are on my desk...

I have a lot to look forward to. I'm sure if I go down my list it'll put you to sleep. I don't really have anything of any significance to say. I could complain some more... I know that always brings the blog ratings up, but I think I've been doing enough of that lately.

Anyway I'm working on positive and thinking positive... We'll see how that goes... I have a knock on my door and dinosaurs to retreive... till next time.

Lesson: it's okay to be happy with getting rid of the old and excited for the new.

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mollie.dirig said...

out with the old and in with the new. that is the motto of spring, right??

oh, i really love your by-line. i'm not crazy, i'm just a girl. that is so me!!!