Tuesday, April 7, 2009

happiest feline ever.

So Garry was snuggling and purring and so happy. He was walking a back and forth sticking his butt in our face, as cats do. I swear an old lady couldn't have a happier cat than me. Kirby and I were laying on the bed petting him and we noticed his whiskers were glistening with droplets of his drool...and it was dripping on my top cover.


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A Trip Down Crazy Lane: said...

My cat has been licking my eye lids while I sleep. What can I say, she loves me. Or, My eye lids just taste that darn good. Oh, she also likes to smell tonys hair, but then she walks away...lol. AND, she likes to sleep right next to my belly! lol. Cats have a mind of their own, but mine doesn't drool...just lick. lol.