Monday, April 20, 2009

gimmie gimmie gimmie

So after 2 years I get 2 weeks of vacation at my work! yay! I put in for it last Thursday to take 2 weeks off in May. Yay!

Do I get my vacation? NO. Okay YES, sort of.

I get 1 week, but I have to take the other week another time. Not fair (I'm being a whiney baby here). I was really mad. Firstly, I had to say WHY I wanted 2 weeks, which in my opinion is no one's business except my own. If I want to take a 2 week cruise, laze around the house for 2 weeks, take care of a sick relative, or take care of my sick body, that is up to my discretion.

But Indiana state law says that my employer has a say in how I spend my vacation because those are fringe benefits. So no matter how I want to spend it they still have a say in it.

With that said, and my recent research (or actually my hubster's research) in the law I can do my vacation intermittently... but in MY opinion it is still none of any one's business HOW I spend my time off of work. I don't demand what they (meaning my supervisors) tell me how they are spending their time off of work.

I may blab everything in a blog on the Internet, but I only blab so much. I still have my morals and privacy. I like "letting it out" and I may talk a lot, but that doesn't mean everything I have is "out there".

I guarantee before reading this no more than 4 people knew I wanted my vacation, and I guarantee that no more than 3 people know really why I wanted my vacation then. Does it matter that I wanted it or that I wanted it for a specific reason? I don't think it does.

I guess one thing that makes me irritated is that I don't trust the person I had to divulge information to.

Lesson: Don't make assumptions about things you don't *really* know, and I will try not to assume things about you (by "you" I mean anyone). Lets just say it's a work in progress. My whole life is- and I hope it's an improving work in progress!

There I said my piece.

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A Trip Down Crazy Lane: said...

Yeah, u earned those vaca should use them how ever when ever. Its just another way of keeping tabs on us. Just wait, soon everyone will be walking around with leashes or chips in them. lol