Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool

I told people at work I was going to go home and tell everyone that I was pregnant. I think it would be funnier for a pregnant lady to go home and say she wasn't. If I were knocked up I would say I'm just getting REALLY fat.

Some people probably wouldn't find that very funny, but my humor has always been kind of off.

So I was sitting at my desk and today is Thursday and usually we're so busy because all the techs call in and want to get thier stuff next day air so they can have it before the weekend because they forget to order it earlier in the week like they're supposed to... (I know that was totally boring).

So I was sitting there and it occured to me that Monday was so long ago. I blurt out, "It seems like Monday was a few days ago."

A co-worker laughs and is like "I love you Ry Ry."

The new guy laughs, too. He isn't used to my humor yet I suppose.

Lesson: At least for me just becuase it seems like it's been a few days doesn't mean it always has been.

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