Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just thinking... about cat puke.

It's never ending. Just when you think the carpet is clean for a while... you go to sleep to find your floor riddled with half eaten cat food. I think he does it for attention. I googled cat puke and apparently cats have an ability to vomit easily because if they were out in the wild and had thier natural diet- say a bird- they would have to expel things that aren't good for them such as a beak or claw quickly. Hmmm.

So I pondered- would you rather step in a crunchy garry (we call garry's) or a wet one. Crunchy ones are the dried ones that you don't find for a while. OR would you rather step in a wet one and if it's wet would you rather step in a COLD (not so fresh) or WARM (just out of the mouth) garry?

I know. Sometimes I'm so Gross.

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