Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Something Doesn't Mix

And apparently for ME that would be 2 rum & cokes, shot of tequila, hard core dancing, shot of cough medicine- just kidding it was really a jager bomb, and a Bud Lime. I remember laughing at a tampon wrapper on the bathroom floor (because drunk people are sloppy) and getting Julie's flip flop when she slipped on the floor. Of course all this was only within a couple hours of each other.

I couldn't tell you what the band sang and Mollie- you're going to have to tell me the name of them (Ghost something) because all I can think of is Jettingham or Abraham and I know that isn't right. They have since broke up and regrouped.

Anyhoos all that alcohol makes for an unpleasant Sunday. I knew my stomach would be upset, but I didn't expect to develop a killer migraine Sunday night. It's like a hangover that gets worse. Who ever heard of that? Well I don't drink enough to really know so maybe it's common? And on that note- who ever would want to be an alcoholic if that is what they have to deal with??

Anyway I missed work on Monday (and that sucked royally because I felt HORRIBLE all day and accomplished nothing) and am just now getting over it. Kind of sucks.

I guess I kind of owe Mollie one tho. She was our DD and if I never got on her nerves before I'm sure I did Saturday.

I think I may drink some water melon. I mean eat some. I guess with watermelon you get to do both. I'm feeling kind of snack-y.

Lesson: I should have snuggled my hubster instead of partied with my girls. But I love my girls. So either way if you're drunk and only have $13 make sure you buy your own drinks- then you can't drink too much.

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mollie.dirig said...

lol! u didn't - don't - bother me. i had fun. their name is heroes 4 ghosts, like in the pink floyd lyrics...