Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Midnight Blog

Soon to be replaced by midnight feedings and dirty diapers. In less than a week if this little baby does not grace us with his presence he's going to have to come anyway. And he'll like it whether or not he likes it!

I have an ankle appt on the 31st. I really hope for good good good news that will make taking care of a new born easier. I.e. More mobility.

I know I won't be ready for any running around shopping or brisk fall walks, but I'll be happy if I can start putting some weight on it. Like getting up with the use of both feet so my good knee stops screaming at me for doing all the work (I will refrain from any "lazy" comments or he may decide to give out on me totally).

Anyway I know all these pregnant and ankle posts are probably getting boring. I can't wait to blog all the silly exploits of the kids and baby.

Gavin was probably one of the funniest toddlers- especially learning to talk. That boy picked up on every thing. Not to mention we kinda taught him some naughty things... I think his dad taught him to hit someone's behind and say "big ole butt." I was mad, BUT I would lie if I didn't laugh and find it amusing and/or encourage it. I'm pretty sure he did that to a couple ladies in church. We had to put a stop to it then.

We had to stop listening to certain songs around Gwyneth because she was singing along- ALL the words. Really bad words I wouldn't even say... I didn't even realize some of our taste in music was so bad till then! I have slightly improved... Working on it moreso cuz she has lectured me (yes me) and Kirby about profane language. She does not want to hear it (Yeah- Go Gwyneth!).

I'm not sure of some of the things Josh and Cruz did... But I'm sure they have their fair share. Speaking of Cruz: He is teenager AND in high school now. Love that kid, but we can't deny the teenager part. He's very helpful and sweet, but the teenager part may turn up some good blogging material yet. :-).

I'm glad we have such a good bunch and happy to add to it. I am once again getting beat in the bladder... Someone definately has their days and nights mixed up!!

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